Gravity Powers This Marble Maze Board Game, No Batteries Required

Watching a marble meander its way through a towering maze is another one of life's simple pleasures, but like with most activities, we've managed to find a way to turn building a marble maze into a competition. Although as far as board games go, Gravity Maze looks like it offers up some great challenges that will… » 10/21/14 4:15pm Today 4:15pm

Bowers & Wilkins' First Bluetooth Speaker Is a Stunner

If you're going to dive head first into an already crowded market like the world of Bluetooth speakers, you better do something to make your product instantly stand out. And it looks like Bowers & Wilkins has done just that with its new T7 compact speaker featuring a stylish honeycomb design that actually helps… » 10/21/14 3:43pm Today 3:43pm

Magnets Are the Secret To the Ultimate Cookie Dunking Contraption

For every Kickstarted product that succeeds and makes it into the hands of consumers, there are hundreds that don't. The Dunkin' Buddy's Kickstarter campaign unfortunately didn't succeed in raising ten grand earlier this year, but its creators realize how important its existence is to mankind, and they're determined… » 10/21/14 3:10pm Today 3:10pm

Hot Toys' Battle-Damaged RoboCop Figure Might Be Too Detailed

As much as Paul Verhoeven's RoboCop is about a heroic crime-fighting robot cleaning up the mean streets of Detroit, it's also about the unsettling story of a man being turned into a machine. It's hard to forget that scene when RoboCop first takes off his helmet revealing what's left of Alex Murphy, especially now that… » 10/21/14 2:34pm Today 2:34pm

A Plush Serenity Will Even Turn Toddlers Into Firefly Fans

Is there anything in the universe more powerful than a rabid fan base? Seemingly not. Firefly, a show cancelled way back in 2002, is still alive and well in the hearts of those who lament its early demise. And thanks to Netflix, its popularity continues to grow, spawning more and more merchandise, including this… » 10/21/14 11:37am Today 11:37am

The Slingshot Madman Proves the Nokia 3310 Is Nearly Indestructible

Before the smartphone revolution left the company behind, Nokia was synonymous with cellphones, particularly handsets that could seemingly survive anything. The Nokia 3310 is still considered to be one of the most indestructible of its breed. And who's better-qualified to prove that than the mad scientist of… » 10/21/14 10:54am Today 10:54am

Scientists Produce Rounded Crystals That Could Lead To 3D-Printed Pills

Taking inspiration from the microscopic rounded structures that creatures like starfish naturally grow to improve their limited vision, researchers at the University of Michigan have succeeded in artificially creating smooth facet-less crystals in the lab that have the potential to revolutionize everything from solar… » 10/21/14 10:35am Today 10:35am

Compressing Containers Squeeze the Air Out of Your Stored Food

Anyone who's squeezed every last molecule of air out of a Ziploc bag full of leftovers knows that food lasts longer that way. But instead of man-handling a plastic bag, or buying some kind of vacuum contraption to get the air out, consider upgrading your canisters to Prepara's new Evak line which features a manual… » 10/20/14 5:00pm Yesterday 5:00pm

Art Is Best Displayed In a Frame That Follows You Around

For artists who want to get their work known—and sold—a static frame hanging on the wall of a gallery just doesn't cut it anymore. Whey let a potential admirer—or customer—just walk by your work when there are now autonomous picture frames that can track and follow someone walking by, ensuring your work is always… » 10/20/14 1:26pm Yesterday 1:26pm

Got an Empty Cereal Box? You Can Easily Make a Slick Star Wars Costume

If you haven't outgrown your love of Halloween, but don't have as much time as you'd like to dedicate to designing an awesome costume, Steve Wintercroft has got your back. On his site you'll find a bunch of patterns for easy but detailed Halloween masks, including this stormtrooper getup that surprisingly detailed for… » 10/20/14 12:58pm Yesterday 12:58pm

The World's Largest Battery-Electric Vehicle Is This Articulated Bus

If when you think of electric vehicles you picture tiny lightweight cars designed to maximize their battery life, BYD Motors is about to blow your mind. At the recent 2014 American Public Transportation Association Expo in Houston, the company revealed a new articulated bus that it's claiming is the world's largest… » 10/20/14 10:25am Yesterday 10:25am

Dyson's Humidifier Uses UV Light To Kill Germs in Its Water Reservoir

The slow but steady approach of winter means that it's almost time for many of us to fire up our heaters—also heralding the return of of chapped lips and dry skin. Dyson's new humidifier is one solution to the problem, but it doesn't only prevent dry air. It also ensures your home isn't being filled with… » 10/20/14 12:00am Yesterday 12:00am

A Beverage Cooler With Retractable Legs Stands Tall Without a Table

It could very well mean the end of wacky sports bloopers where football players crash into sideline tables stacked with Gatorade. But now that drink coolers come with retractable, folding legs, you'll never need to remember to bring a folding table to your next football game/family reunion/PTA meeting. » 10/17/14 5:20pm Friday 5:20pm